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Was waiting for this....and was certainly worth the hype I had for i good stuff as always. Some things that come to mind looking through this. This is alot feel free to respond or look at whichever parts of this you want to, no need to parse through all this super closely haha.

a) One surprising omission to me was Jon Runyan. I know you had him with like a month left listed in the season listed under your Pro Bowl consideration list at G. What are your thoughts on him and how you think he projects? Also just wanted to throw some names out there and see how close they were to making the list for you at different spots. No need to give specific breakdowns on each just saying how close is fine unless a guy particularly piques your interest: Matt Hennessy, Mike McGlinchey, Graham Glasgow, Ted Karras, Ezra Cleveland, Robert Hunt, Billy Turner.

b) Orlando Brown I was a bit surprised about how high he came in. You made an interesting pt about him understanding body angles but I do sometimes feel like he can still have some ugly sets on deeper drop backs or by guys beating him outside. I might be missing something you can tell me where Im wrong but I get the sense sometimes his hands and feet arent fully in sync with each other(https://gfycat.com/tenselivelyiridescentshark). What Im wondering is maybe you might value his work in the run game alot or if Im just completely off base in my discussion on his pass pro

c) I agree with you having Mailata outside your top 15(still in tier 4) think some of the hype with him may be a year premature. But I did want to ask you hear all the time about how "he only started playing football 4 yrs ago the sky's the limit for him" what you thought of his realistic ceiling?

d) DJ Humphries I had kind of viewed as the NFC equivalent of Cam Robinson in the past. You hadnt mentioned him in your H/M either was wondering your thoughts on him and where you view him. Actually find him kind of an interesting player, has fine athletic traits and I find his hand usage often helps him vs better edge rushers(https://gfycat.com/blueblackandwhiteisopod). He does have bad reps(can be had vs bull rushes) but he held up better vs better competition than I expected.

e) Real quick wanted to ask about Kolton Miller agree with everything you said about his issues(some ex https://gfycat.com/welldocumentedcolossalgrison) just wanted to ask how correctable do you think they are. Because while it is true he has kind of stalled out Im not sure that necessairly needs to be the case per se, I think he's quite talented in pass pro and potentially has a meaningfully higher ceiling than where is right now.

f) Lastly wanted to ask about 2 guys also who's teams seemed to sour on them a hair Michael Onwenu and La'el Collins. With Onwenu do you have insight into why the Pats might have benched him, anything on film to suggest it? What position do you think is best for him, my initial instinct is guard but he's held up better in pass pro than Ive expected in the past at RT. And then with La'el Collins his contract was lower than I would’ve valued him, seems like given how high you ranked him maybe you were a bit surprised as well. My two initial thoughts on that were a) health concerns with him are significant b) he will occasionally have some surprisingly ugly(especially his first few games back https://gfycat.com/friendlysourfieldmouse) which might skew perception and unfairly hold a bit too much weight against him.

Thanks alot again for doing this and taking the time to read through my thoughts, appreciate you

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great work as always

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Amazing in-depth look at how offensive linemen around the league stack up!

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Where can I find the 2022 offensive line rankings as a unit?

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